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June 10, 2011



Working with another vendor i can tell you that i appreciate your design, i can use it too wth for my deployments but i understand why sometimes you separate pools with different raid levels and you don't mix up all disks in a single pool: if you have SLA requirements or if you simply don't want I/O contention in one datastore to affect performance on another it can be useful to make separation.

In general i use you approach but i am often asked to make sure that, for example, a VDI implementation doesn't suffer from I/O contention (or vice-versa for what it matters) so some degree of separation is needed if you need to garantee performance no matter what because in your design performance are super-high at the beginning but the more VMs you add the more all VMs are affected.

Well, mine it's an opinion of course.



I really wish that you and EMC would stop the flame wars. Your posts (and EMCs too) are as much about negative aspects of the other (be it truth or fud, doesnt matter) as they are about the tech.

Every post is in the format "Blah, blah, blah, EMC BAD, blah, blah blah...." or vice versa, based on who's posting.

As someone interested in the technology, you all come across as spoilt little kids who refuse to play nice (or just ignore each other if required) in the playground.

Can we just listen, and be educated, on the merits of each technology. We are quite well able to make decisions by ourselves, without the constant online spats.

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