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June 08, 2011


Clay Guthery

This release has me very confused because of the recent Netapp / Syncsort partnership. This partnership really completed the puzzle for me as it finally gave us a very efficient way to leverage NetApp storage and protect a large variety of physical servers and applications easily (basically OSSV on steroids) with instant availability and recovery. Now with Snap Protect I am confused, is it meant to only consolidate our SMVI/SMSQL/SMExchange products from a single catalog or is it meant to go beyond that?

Vaughn Stewart

@Clay - I admit my posts probably would have been best served if I began with this one, followed by Syncsort, and then SnapProtect. unfortunately that wasn't possible.

I plan to cover NSB in the next day or two. There's lot's to share here.

Thanks for the feedback. Cheers!


Vaughn, I agree with Clay. What is going on? Where is the focus? SANScreen or BalancePoint? DFM or System Manager? NSB or SnapProtect? I'm Snap*'ed to death by all the interfaces. Why can't you unify this into a single console? Is NSB dead? Its a stellar product that gets no love from NetApp marketing. Your customers are confused.

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