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May 01, 2011



"Suffice to say the adoption of FlexPod architectures has been tremendous."

Okay, then tell us please exactly how many FlexPods have been sold in the last 6 months up to today May 16th 2011?

My other confusion is that NetApp (FlexPod) and EMC (VBlock) appear to be moving 'against' the market flow. From the Cloud Computing hype, I thought we were moving away from enterprise/SME data centres and into the Cloud?

Vaughn Stewart

@Robb - thanks for sharing your thoughts.

FlexPod adoption, in terms of sales and conversion of existing components into a FlexPod configuration has been tremendous. I'm not at liberty to share the sales figures publicly, I am confident that they will be shares with the public at some point in time.

In terms of FlexPod, Vblock, and other private cloud stack architectures... Customers have stated that they desire a mix of on premise and off premise services. What this mix will be is yet to unfold; however, the embalmment of a automated, dense, and high performing shared infrastructure is key to both customers and service providers and offerings such as FlexPod are an ideal means to meet these goals.


My pleasure.

I look forward to seeing how things are going with FlexPod. I have specified and used NetApp in many of my designs over the last five years and have many friends at NetApp (UK). It is my default choice of storage system.

Personally, and not on behalf of my company Fujitsu, I like the idea of an 'appliance' from security and management perspectives. Although I don't actually have much to do with SMEs. Generally I only work on very large enterprise or government projects.

I accept your view that SMEs will still need local resources, for many reasons. My own view is that 'Cloud' is not, and will not be, for everyone.

I'll check in now and again to see what else you have to say.

Vaughn Stewart

@Robb - Did you see the news? Cisco & NetApp announced over 150 FlexPod customers in the first 6 months of release!


As for appliances, have you seen or VSA, Ontap-v, which is sold via OEM by Fujitsu? I wrote about it in an earlier post. Check it out!

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

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