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December 17, 2010



I see storage vendors making a push to do for traditional storage arrays what VMware did for physical servers.

I hope to see a complete abstraction of logical storage containers from being held down to any 1 controller, shelf stack, array.

I hope to be able to "right click, maintenance mode," and similar to vMotion, have all of my data shuffled off to another "host/filer/controller" in my "cluster" of storage arrays, unbeknownst to the end user.

I understand that it is limited by connection mediums between controllers and trad disk arrays/shelves (among other things), but I see this becoming abstracted VERY soon.

With regards to NetApp specifically, DataMotion is cool, but take it to the next level and completely abstract my logical FlexVol's from being tied down to a particular filer. Abstract my filers in a "cluster" completely from the dumb pool of disk. Give me a "vCenter" equivalent for my storage arrays and allow me to build logical clusters of filers/heads/controllers/etc, and allocate certain workloads (i.e. random vs. sequential) seamlessly without any real need for hard configuration.

I see BIG pushes from all of the manufacturer's to make something like this more of a reality, and if it already is, then it should be PoC'ed and made more public.


Chris M Evans

Is this a real suggestion of a tongue in cheek look at Netapp's business plan for 2011? You're looking at the IT world through a very narrowly focused telescope here, Vaughn.

If there's something you should be considering as an emerging technology, it's pNFS; something you've not mentioned at all. How about a more reasoned view of the market than just a look at where Netapp wants us all to go?

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