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July 13, 2010


Francesco Duranti

This is a fantastic news for us that have all our infrastructure on NetApp Storage :)

Just curious about the release date of VSC 2.0 and also of SRA for SRM 4.1... any known date when they'll be available for download?


Great news on VSC 2.0 - when can we download it?

I only see 1.0 on the NOW site:


We are especially keen to make sure we are using the latest mbrscan and mbralign utilities (updated in VSC 2.0)


Vaughn Stewart

Re: [NetApp - The Virtual Storage Guy] Francesco Duranti submitted a comment to NetApp VSC 2.0 vCenter Plug-in Announced

Unified SR is available from VMware.com the VSC 2.0 is scheduled for release on July 22nd, 2010.


New customer here... is the VSC free of charge or a licensed product. I did purchase SMVI but I'd much prefer the tighter integration in the same UI and I'd prefer it not be another SKU. Thanks.

Vaughn Stewart

Re: [NetApp - The Virtual Storage Guy] smccl submitted a comment to NetApp VSC 2.0 vCenter Plug-in Announced

@SMCCL Great question. The NetApp VSC, including SMVI the RCU is a free download to all customers. There are some capability restrictions if one does not have SnapRestore (with SMVI) and FlexClone (with RCU) licensed on the array, but both of these licenses are pretty popular and rather inexpensive.

Dejan Ilic

Nice. I realy hope that you have enabled mbrtools to work in ESXi (and the anoying certificate handling in the plugin) or even better if it is done in the GUI instead from CLI where mbrtools doesn't work in ESXi.

Also, could you clarify the license prerequisites for the software to function, partialy or fully?

Francesco Duranti

@Vaughn: Regarding the Unified SRA 1.4.3 it seems only certified with SRM 4.0 and not 4.1. It's not in the compatibility matrix and not on the vmware download page for SRM 4.1... there's no netapp srm in that download page. So will 1.4.3 be certified with SRM 4.1 or there will be a new release soon?

So SMVI will become a free of charge feature of the complete adapter (excluded for the SnapRestore storage license)?
Nice to hear for a release date of 19th :)

Andrew Storrs

Any information you can share on the updates to mbrscan/mbralign?

- Linux alignment without the need to hack GRUB afterwards? ;)
- Support for aligning Windows Server 2008 (and R2) boot disks (again without editing things) that have been X2V'd with a tool other than PlateSpin (e.g. VMware Converter)?
- The holy grail - ESXi support?

Darren Hedges

is there any possibility of getting a download of it sooner as i have need of using the rcu and smvi on the systems im in the middle of building and have a lot of work still to do for monday and would prefer to give the flexclone a try before then incase i decided to revert to normal way of deploying from templates. would also like to use smvi for backups as at present it just doesnt work reliably enough for me.

Chris Waltham

@Vaughn: Right now, I can't download SMVI from NOW -- is that a change that will be happening soon? I thought it required a license in the past, but I could be wrong. FYI, we don't have SnapRestore or FlexClone right now.

Jason Jensen

Nice job on getting this released so soon after the release of 4.1! I saw the vSphere 4.1 release announcement, read the release notes and then my next thought was "hmm, I wonder which of my plugins are going to break with this". Quick google search brought me here and showed that there was a new version of VSC! Woohoo!

Vaughn Stewart

All - Thank you for the comments, I love the dialog...

@Dejan - We are working hard on an update to MBRTools which will support ESXi. Soon we wont have a choice to run in the service console. If you have ESXi today and run with NFS datastores I would suggest you run MBRTools from a LINUX VM. While this config is currently unsupported many have shared with me that it works well and is incredibly fast (up to 900% performance improvement).

@Francesco - We are certifying version 1.4.3 of the SRA with SRM 4.1 . It will be available in a few weeks time. As for SMVI, the functionality is a part of the VSC, but I have learned that I need to clarify my post. While the feature is there for all to use, there is still a modestly priced license required to be legal.

@Andrew - I'll have to check on the GRUB issue. It may be a part of our MBRTols update, but I will need to verify.

@Darren - I wish it was available today. Patience my friend, patience. :)

@Chris - The VSC will be available to download from NOW under the Virtual Storage Console and not SnapManager for Virtual Infrastructure on July 22nd.

@Jason - Thanks for the compliments and for being a customer!

Cheers all!


Until now I've been told IBM N Series customers can't use the VSC (or RCU) due to open license issues. At least they can't get it from IBM's download site. Do you know if these issues have been worked out or if not will NetApp be able to post the VSC on the IBM N Series community’s page it hosts?

While we have many NetApp customers we also have quite a few very large IBM N Series accounts that would very much like to use VSC.

Vaughn Stewart

@Kyle - NetApp is working with IBM to address this issue and we believe we might have figured out a way to put this issue to bed. I commit to you that once I know everything is a go, I will share via the blog.

Francesco Duranti

A few week is much time considering that without the SRA adapter disaster recovery with SRM on vSphere 4.1 will not be possible. Also because SRM 4.0 is not compatible with vSphere 4.1 and SRM 4.1 is solving a big problem with dvs. Also I see that almost all vendor that had adapter on 4.0.1 already have them certified for 4.1 (only SUN, NetApp and 2 IBM storage adapter are missing)....

Well I hope it will be out soon ... we're forced to wait for it before starting any kind of upgrade and we would like to upgrade to 4.1 also because all our infrastructure is on NFS and finally we will be able to see some performance data related to this on this version...


I agree with Francesco, as any upgrade effort I have is depending on the SRA for the exact same reason... I cant have SRM break on me. I have to build out my environment using the old 4.0 to meet a deadline, and then go through the upgrade effort when it is released. Kind of hassle, but thanks for announcement. At least I know its coming.


A few issues installing this on my VC. (Might be my VC build). First 2 times I installed it, the VC plugin couldn't find the webpage, and I confirmed it wasnt running properly on the VC. The webservice would respond on localhost, but not by IP or servername.
Ended up editing etc/network-interface.properties changing this to my servername, restarting the service and re-registering the plugin. Working now but I don't understand what went wrong.

Iben Rodriguez

Very sad to find out the NetApp SRA for SRM 4.1 is not ready yet. Customers have been planning for vSphere 4.1 upgrade and new SRM fixes for a long time.

Can we get a better date estimate please?

Jerome Hains

VSC 2.0 is ready for download!



I would like to echo the post on 7/22 asking about the release date for an SRA that is certified to work with SRM 4.1. Do you have any more details?


I was just reading through the release notes for VSC 2.0, and on the known issues (page 28) it says:

"NIC teaming causes ESX Server to reboot when creating a VM. When NIC teaming is enabled on the ESX Server, the ESX server might unexpectedly reboot while trying creating a Virtual Machine. Make sure you disable NIC teaming until you are finished creating Virtual Machines. For more information, see bug ID 207474 at Bugs Online."

Am I reading this correctly? If so, I think this is a pretty significant bug, and I dont think I'll be installing the VSC2 until it is fixed. In a production environment, most everyone I know teams their NICs for better throughput and redundancy. If this causes ESX to reboot then I'll incur a production outage.

Ryan Uy

Does VSC 2.0 support provisioning datastore wizard on esx4.1i? Getting error *Note: ESX host does not support the following: NFS,FCP,iSCSI. using enterprise plus license on esx4.1i... provisioning wizard works on esx4.0

Vaughn Stewart

@Ryan - the VSC 2.0 is a bit out of date and not supported with vSphere 4.1. Try downloading the VSC 2.0 which includes the provisioning and cloning capabilities (which is the RCU 3.2 sub-plug-in).

Jason Jensen

@Dave I looked up bug 207474 and found this:

This issue is seen with ESX 3.0 using the native software iSCSI initiator.

Honestly don't even see what this has to do with VSC specifically other than that it now includes RCU. Seems to be more of an issue with ESX 3.0, iSCSI, and teaming and just happens to apply to VSC because you could be creating VMs with the RCU.


looks like the NetApp SRA for SRM 4.1 is now available once you login to VMware's site :) Released 9/1/2010.

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