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May 10, 2010


Andrew Miller

Wonderful....I've been waiting for this for a couple installs I currently have pending.

Jonas Irwin

Vaughn? Snapmirror sync? Really? come on. Is that really a true sync replication product now? It must have undergone some rearchitecting since I was there 3 years ago because the only thing "sync" about that product was the name. You gus should really rename it or I'd submit to you that it's false advertising

Vaughn Stewart

Re: [NetApp - The Virtual Storage Guy] Jonas Irwin submitted a comment to NetApp Releases Unified Adapter for VMware SRM


3 years in the IT industry can be considered a generation in others...

Jonas Irwin

Sorry..my mistake then. So SM-Sync is really sync now with domino mode and all?

Jonas Irwin

or..is this like flexcache hosting two oracle or vmfs volumes (on same cluster) with simultaneous read/write access copies across two filers with block storage as Patrick Rogers and Val assert in the press? Sorry..I'm just tired of the lies man..those guys are starting to piss me off. You have a backbone though and hopefully can clafity exactly how flexccache really works for FC storage.

Vaughn Stewart

@Jonas - Like others we have a number of replication technologies; however, the bulk of our replication is provided via SnapMirror. SnapMirror support sync, async, and semi-sync replication.

We have an additional sync capability via SyncMirror - which creates mirrored storage plexes. This is a component of MetroCluster, not SRM. Metrocluster, like any synchronous mirroring is latency and in turn distance limitations (commonly 100km).

This limit is the same with EMC's VPLEX technology.

For LDVM with distances beyond 100km NetApp offers FlexCache. This architecture is a Cisco Validated Design and supports up to 400kms today. This is available without any changes in VMware.

I'd love to share more, but unfortunately its NDA.

Take care...

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