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July 14, 2009


Andrew Miller

Just a note that on the top of page 10 there are three duplicated rows in the chart...working my way through slowly through the doc finally.

Sebastian Kayser

Vaughn, care to explain what the recommended flow control settings of "filer: send" and "switches: receive" are trying to address? Searched high and low to get some background information on the rationale to no avail...

Does it make any difference at all whether the storage emits or receives PAUSE frames? Isn't communication paused briefly in both cases?

David Adams

Flow control is discussed in more detail within TR-3802:

Ethernet Storage Best Practises


Dave Johnson

Chapter 10 in TR-3749 Version 1.0 has many technical inconsistencies. #1 - on page 59 - stacked switches, the NICs are teamed with IP hash to the vmkernel. This is a contradiction of what vSphere 4.0 recommends and that is 1:1 relationship between the vmkernel and physical NIC. So there should be 2 vmkernels and one physical NIC per vmkernel. Multipathing needs to be done at the storage level and not the networking level with ip hash. In fact, I see little value in stacked switches for this configuration, since cost must be included. #2 - with non-stacked switches it shows 2 VMkernels but does not explain the 1:1 relationship. #3 the service console is not required in 4.0 (it was required in 3.5). These are my observations. Maybe someone else also reported these findings.

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