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September 15, 2010

NetApp Video Demos at VMworld 2010 – Part 1 (VDI)

Posted by Brian M Collins - Virtualization Solutions Architect

For those of you who didn’t make it, VMworld 2010 was a furious center of activity, announcements, and excitement.  In this first of a series of recaps, I am going to summarize some of the fantastic demos that NetApp showed in our VMworld 2010 Booth.  Since I spent a great deal of time talking to customers, potential customers, and partners at the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Kiosk, I thought I’d start there.

VMware View 4.5 with NetApp Flash Cache and TSCS

There was tremendous buzz around the NetApp Flash Cache and how Transparent Storage Cache Sharing (TSCS) works to mitigate boot and login storms.  Since Flash Cache is intelligent and deduplication aware, it not only acts as an intelligent solution for VDI, it works just as well with ANY data; Exchange attachments, Oracle database data, anything!  Since it deduplicates at the 4K-block level, Flash Cache can greatly reduce the number of disk spindles needed to satisfy demanding performance requirements, all without requiring manual data migration or management.  Make sure to see the counters and graphs about 3 minutes into this video!



View Design Architecture

Looking for some help and guidance with your VDI deployment on VMware View 4.5?  In this video, Chris Gebhardt, one of NetApp’s Virtualization Architects, takes us through the “must have” components of a VDI design; Scalability, Affordability, High Performance, Availability, Flexibility, and Manageability.  Chris takes us through some of the design elements of View 4.5 and how these features can be best exploited by a storage administrator using NetApp Flash Cache, RAID-DP, and the Virtual Storage Console (VSC 2.0).   By the way VSC 2.0, the plug-in for VMware Virtual Center, was one of the biggest draws to the VDI Kiosk at the event.  VSC allows provisioning/deprovisioning, cloning, backup, and storage management all from inside Virtual Center – very cool.



Reducing Capex & Opex with VMware View on NetApp

More info on the affordability aspect of a VDI, this video examines the role of tiered and tierless storage with and without Solid State Drives (SSD) to minimize OpEx.  How many different storage systems do you need to provide FC, iSCSI, NFS, SMB, and FCoE?  With NetApp, only need one.  Now there is some CapEx savings!



So, does this all really work?  We recently put all of this together in our labs to find out just that.  See the video Deploying 50,000 VMware View Seats on NetApp where my colleague Jack McLeod discusses deploying a large VDI reference architecture using NetApp, Cisco, Fujitsu, Wyse, and VMware View 4.5.  The architecture described has unlimited scalability to well beyond the 50,000 seats we tested, and can scale down as well in case you’re not ready to take such a huge leap, or have a smaller organization.  And of course, we used all the great NetApp features such as provisioning and cloning with VSC 2.0, Flash Cache, Deduplication, and RAID-DP.



And what was it like working on that project?  Well, my one-word description was “cool!”  In the video titled Project Summary of Deploying 50,000 VMware View Seats on NetApp, hear from our partners with VMware, Fujitsu, Cisco, Wyse, as well as the NetApp team, what a monumental and real-world deployment this was!  We worked closely with our partners as we built a lab environment like no other. Proving that not only could this be done, but the value, manageability, storage efficiency, and performance that NetApp storage brought to the table made it simple, reproducible, and scalable.  This is a reference architecture that our customers can use, and be confident that this is not a “paper lab”, but a real, live, working environment.



And that was just the VDI activity at VMworld 2010 in San Francisco!  There will be more to come, as I will cover vCloud, Application Virtualization, and the Imagine Virtually Anything alliance with VMware and Cisco demos from the show.


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Michael Frank

It looks like the first few videos are corrupted. Can that be fixed? Thanks.

Vikash Kumar Roy

You probably put the wrong tag. This should not cover under Citrix/XEN tag as it has nothing to do with Citrix.

PS : I work for Citrix and had been this blog follower for a while

Abhinav Joshi

@Vishal good catch. Just fixed it.

Abhinav Joshi

@Michael, I did not run into any issues playing the videos. Can you plz try again. Alternatively, you could also view these demos on the NetAppTube channel on YouTube (www.youtube.com/netapptube). There is a VMworld 2010 playlist on the right. Hope this helps.

Kevin Stay

60 ESX hosts for 5000 virtual desktops?!? I'd prefer 4 x3850s with eight sockets, 768GB RAM, and 4X10GB NIC each. Only 32RU of space and a fraction of the energy cost to boot.

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