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August 31, 2010

VMworld 2010 - VMware vCloud Director and NetApp Unified Storage

Posted by Abhinav Joshi - Virtualization and Cloud Solutions Architect


 Today at VMworld 2010 San Francisco, VMware announced the new vCloud Director , cloud computing solution. VMware vCloud Director enables enterprises and service providers to build private clouds by pooling infrastructure resources into virtual datacenters, and delivering these resources to tenants as catalog based service. The tenants access their virtual datacenter through a self service portal that allows them to self-provision and manage their VMs, vApps, templates, and media files. VMware vShield , vCenter Chargeback  and vCenter Orchestrator  (vCO) are the key components of this solution that enable security, chargeback, automation and orchestration.

The value of VMware vCloud Director, including the ability to provide cost-efficiency, agility, security, scalability, mobility and elasticity, can only be fully realized if the right type of shared storage is used as part of the solution.

 NetApp Unified Storage  extends all its efficiencies, agility, secure isolation, scalability, and data protection capabilities (already proven for VMware vSphere environments) to private clouds built on vCloud Director. The joint VMware vCloud Director and NetApp solution enables customers to build a very secure, cost effective, IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) solution that deliver the capabilities required to meet the ever changing business needs.

For the past few months, we’ve been working very closely with VMware to better enable the joint vCloud Director beta customers, develop scalable reference architectures and next generation integrations directly into vCloud Director that further enhance the operational efficiency of clouds built on vCloud Director. The NetApp integration enables the clouds to be more scalable, elastic, and cost efficient.


NetApp and VMware vCloud Director integration Demos

If you are at VMworld SFO this week, we are showcasing some of these future integration demos at the NetApp booth in the solutions exchange pavilion.



o Demo 1: Automated and orchestrated provisioning of infrastructure resources and virtual datacenters in VMware vCloud Director

To be highly scalable, elastic, and efficient, cloud solution demands tiers of compute, and storage service offerings (known as virtual datacenters in vCloud Director) to be rapidly provisioned & available for on-demand consumption by different tenants. This rapid provisioning of the infrastructure resources and virtual datacenters in vCloud Director can only be efficiently achieved with complete end-to-end workflow orchestration. This demo showcases the integration between NetApp Storage Service Catalog capability in Provisioning Manager , VMware vCO, vCloud Director, and vSphere to achieve this objective, and allows the cloud teams to more efficiently meet the ever growing demands of new and existing tenants.


Why NetApp Storage Service Catalog?

Cloud administrators typically have fine control over the CPU and memory resources for virtual datacenters. With NetApp storage service catalog, they don’t need to understand the storage array attributes in order to provide the same level of control for virtual hard drive IO (datastore). It allows service level storage provisioning and management, allowing the cloud administrators to select from a list of “storage service offerings” e.g. gold, silver, bronze, that encapsulates the different provisioning options and settings. NetApp Storage Service Catalog and Unified Storage does for storage what Resource Pools do for CPU and Memory.





o Demo 2: Rapid provisioning and availability of space efficient VMs and vApps in vCloud Director leveraging NetApp FlexClone
Tenant requirements in the cloud can be very dynamic and elastic. Clouds demand 100s of space efficient VMs to be provisioned and available quickly as the tenant business needs grow or as new tenants are added to the cloud. This demo showcases the integration between NetApp FlexClone, VMware vCO, vCloud Director, and vSphere to allow fully automated, rapid provisioning and availability of 100s of tenant VMs in tenant virtual datacenters in vCloud Director. This integration, combined with the NetApp primary storage deduplication, thin provisioning, NetApp Flash Cache and FlexShare enable the clouds to be very scalable, elastic, and cost efficient.



o Demo 3: vCloud aware, space efficient, instant backups for vApps and VMs leveraging NetApp storage array snapshots

Any scalable cloud solution should be able to support 100s of tenants with 1000s of VMs and vApps, containing business critical data, all on shared storage infrastructure. Being able to protect the ever growing tenant data becomes a “must have” requirement for the cloud solution. This requirement can only be met with an efficient data protection solution that does not involve a lot of investment, and is able to meet the requirements of ever shrinking backup windows. Traditional backup solutions cannot meet the requirements of the next generation multi-tenant clouds. This demo showcases the integration between SnapCreator, VMware vCloud Director, and vSphere that allows vCloud tenant aware, space efficient, instant backups for vApps and VMs leveraging NetApp storage array snapshots.


VMworld sessions with VMware vCloud Director and NetApp integration discussions and demos

I would highly encourage you to attend the following sessions at VMworld SFO, showcasing our future integration with vCloud Director, and also providing visibility into our cloud ecosystem with broad set of partners.


·   SP9659 "Essential Storage for Cloud Infrastructures: Key Considerations for Enterprises and Service Providers" (NetApp led breakout session)


·   MA8030 "Saving Time with vCenter Orchestrator” (VMware led breakout session)
I would highly recommend attending this VMware led session on vCO where the demo showcasing the integration between vCO, vCloud Director, vSphere and NetApp Storage Service Catalog will be presented.  


New Reference Architecture - VMware vCloud Director and NetApp Unified Storage

I am happy to share that today we published a new joint NetApp-VMware Reference Architecture that provides the design and architecture best practices for deploying scalable internal and external cloud solution based on VMware vCloud Director and NetApp Unified Storage. Further details on the joint Reference Architecture is available here.



I hope you have a great VMworld 2010. Please stop by the NetApp booth in the Solutions Exchange area. We would love show you the vCloud Director integration demos, and discuss how we can enable your cloud deployments to be more scalable, elastic, and cost efficient.


If you would like to know more about the NetApp solution for cloud computing, click here and here.


As always, customer feedback helps us to continue enhancing our solutions, and more efficiently meet your business needs.




Abhinav Joshi


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