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New Beginnings

Before I get started, I'd like to first thank the web and social media team at NetApp for setting me up with an outlet to share exciting content with all of you. Shawny, Alex, Carole….Thank you!

Three weeks ago, I walked into Building 1 of NetApp's Research Triangle Park, NC campus. No.  No, wait. Let's step back a second...

I've been a systems administrator/engineer since 1999. In 2007, I discovered ESX. As we all know, in order to take advantage of all of the fundamental features that come with ESX/vSphere, it requires shared storage. At this time, I had no idea 1) what I was getting into and 2) how these two things would deeply affect my life, my drive, and my career. But something about it excited me. Most IT folks spend their entire career trying to find something they're passionate about. It's safe to say that I have found mine.

VMware virtualization on NetApp storage.

But as all of us admins, engineers, vendors, and analysts know, virtualization changes everything. There are a vast range of topics that tie total-package, end-to-end virtualization solutions together. Just like when you walk into an arcade, you have a vast range of games you can choose to play. This is the theme of my blog. No topic is sacred. No topic is untouchable. We're going to play them all. We're going to address hard-nosed, market-driven customer requirements, and develop solutions that just work.

My initial focus is going to be largely around all things VMware vCloud. Director, Connector, Hybrid Cloud, Backup and Business Continuity in the Cloud, and all of these along with what NetApp is doing to value-add and provide end-to-end solutions to make these transitions easier for you.

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I encourage discussions in the comments sections of my posts. I will be actively participating and responding. Sometimes my posts will be nothing but a short paragraph to initiate a discussion.

I'm quite humbled and honored by the people that surround me on my new team.  It really is a dream team of people passionate about Virtualization.

Vaughn Stewart, who has led the charge in virtualization at NetApp.
Chris Gebhardt - aka "Dr. Desktop" - changing the game in desktop virtualization.
Scott Baker, also a new addition to the team, brings broad knowledge to the business unit.

So where were we? Oh yes…

Three weeks ago, I walked into Bldg1 of NetApp's RTP campus. As I write this, at the end of my third week, I've never been more excited about an opportunity.

Virtualization changes everything. Go Further. Faster. With NetApp.



Congrats on the new role.

Let me know if you would be interested in writing an article for my new magazine over at Your sure to have some quality NetApp content.


Jay Weinshenker

Hmm.. No more Oracle on VMware coverage?


@Brian - Will certainly keep you in mind!

@Jay - Without giving too much away, you are going to see tons of Tier 1 virtualization content here. Especially around Oracle.


Welcome to the team Nick!

Eric Gray


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