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December 08, 2008


what a big mess.

Ghee, that is a fairly useless comment.

You're right.
Anyhow. I've under my eyes the technical white paper "A Thorough Introduction to FlexClone Volumes". Table1, "Data ONTAP 75 terms and definitions":

WAFL - Write Anywhere File Layout, a patented file system designed exclusively for NetApp appliances to optimize write performance

Now, i call this a mess nevertheless... I'm struggling to find out how's the logic, or better the logics, behind (an in front of) netapp.

I have one question too.

About the sentence:

WAFL also has a “bottom-half” that manages the physical disks in the system. It organizes the disks into separately managed pools

Are those pools the FlexVols?

Thank you so much.

Perhaps you want to try and digest -as per Dave's hint above- Kostadis' series of post on how WAFL *evolved* over the years FROM a file system into a more layered Volume Manager/SAN/NAS data management architecture.

Start here: http://blogs.netapp.com/extensible_netapp/2008/10/why-wafl-is-not.html

I thought I'd cleared this up!! WAFL is a Platypus!

WAFL has little "pockets" for LUNs. like a WAFFLE has little squares to hold the yummy syrup.



WAFL sounds like an integrated superset of filesystem & volumes manager capabilities. Cool!!

I love WAFL. (would be a good bumpersticker.
Anyway, it doesn't really matter if it is or isn't. More important is that it works the way we need it, efficiently and effectively.

"Anyway, it doesn't really matter if it is or isn't. More important is that it works the way we need it, efficiently and effectively."

And reliably! Just watched a Netapp 740 and 760 setups be retired after being replaced with 270Cs. both the 740 and 760 had well over 1600 day uptimes, and were both used when purchased. Both were in heavy use production environments, and probably both could have kept going for another 1600 days...

ADVFS (Tru64) did something similar, i.e combine VM functionality with that of an FS. Though it wasn't as feature rich as WAFL is. I'm not sure what Kostadis thinks but a spade by another name is ... :)

Why not make a WAFL2 that does what WAFL does, only simpler and better, from ground up?

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